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Direct marketing

Providing advice on data protection issues, environmental policies, industry data and accreditation schemes.

Who we are

David Payne is the IPA's Consultant Head of Direct Marketing. He was previously Chairman of the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) and was co-founder of Payne Stracey.

Contact David by email on phone on 020 7235 7020.

How we can help

Here are some typical questions:

    • Do you know if there are any figures or industry standards for newsletter signups/registrations on brand websites that are not incentivised? Our clients want an indication of how theirs is performing.

    • Do you know how much UK marketers spend on coupons, the % of total marketing spend it represents and how much it varies by vertical sector?

    • We are looking into DataSeal accreditation but we are not DMA members. Can you advise whether the IPA has been involved in this initiative and how we go about applying?


Member testimonials/responses

By talking to David, we were able to complete the business case we were building for our client.

Mike Colling, Managing Director

Published guidance

Last updated 25/03/2014

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